Global warming

Transform Your Building Into a Clean Energy Asset

Nostromo accelerates the renewable energy revolution with its sustainable water-based energy storage solution.
We turn commercial building cooling systems from grid burdens into clean, safe and cost effective energy storage assets.

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We harness the power of renewables to meet commercial energy consumption needs.

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Our proprietary IceBrick™ technology offers cost-effective, flexible, and sustainable energy storage. It requires minimal real estate and can be retrofitted to most commercial buildings.

Good for building owners, the grid and the environment.

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600 kWh


Cooling systems are responsible for 50- 70% of the commercial building’s peak energy consumption.

Nostromo’s storage enables:

Cooling accounts for 50% of energy consumption in hotels, and are an important component of the hospitality experience

Nostromo’s storage enables:

Cooling accounts for 30% of data center’s energy consumption and is mission critical.

Nostromo’s storage enables:

HVAC systems account for 40-70% of peak energy consumption in governmental buildings.

Nostromo’s storage enables:

HVAC systems consume almost half a hospital's energy for patient health, comfort, and temperature control of operation rooms, labs and machines.

Nostromo’s storage enables:

Cooling systems ensure shopper comfort. They comprise up to 70% of the peak demand.

Nostromo’s storage enables:

Meeting educational facilities' cooling demands is costly and energy intensive.

Nostromo’s storage enables:

Cooling is an essential part of the manufacturing process. From cooling molds to producing food, chillers are a critical factory component

Nostromo’s storage enables:

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“The time has arrived for buildings to stop being part of our climate emergency and start being part of the solution.”

David Nemtzow, Building Technologies Office Director of the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.

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