Transforming Buildings Into Energy Assets

Commercial and industrial buildings account for 40% of peak electricity demand. This is a conservative estimate. Because with temperatures rising and commercial cooling systems becoming a must-have, this trend will continue to increase. The world needs clean energy storage to power commercial cooling systems with renewables.
Nostromo reduces a building’s carbon footprint and enables flexible demand while also cutting energy costs.
We’re building a better clean and cooler world for everyone. 


Cooling systems are responsible for 50- 70% of the commercial building’s peak energy consumption.

Nostromo’s storage enables:

Cooling accounts for 50% of energy consumption in hotels, and are an important component of the hospitality experience

Nostromo’s storage enables:

Cooling accounts for 30% of data center’s energy consumption and is mission critical.

Nostromo’s storage enables:

HVAC systems account for 40-70% of peak energy consumption in governmental buildings.

Nostromo’s storage enables:

HVAC systems consume almost half a hospital's energy for patient health, comfort, and temperature control of operation rooms, labs and machines.

Nostromo’s storage enables:

Cooling systems ensure shopper comfort. They comprise up to 70% of the peak demand.

Nostromo’s storage enables:

Meeting educational facilities' cooling demands is costly and energy intensive.

Nostromo’s storage enables:

Cooling is an essential part of the manufacturing process. From cooling molds to producing food, chillers are a critical factory component

Nostromo’s storage enables:




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